Chris Chittenden

Master Ontological Coach
Ontological Theorist

Chris is a director of Talking About Pty Ltd and has been actively involved in the world of coaching since 1994, working full time as a professional coach since 1999.

He worked as professional coach with Gaia Consulting Group from 1999 before establishing Talking About with Jacqui Chaplin towards the end of 2004.

He has over 4000 hours of coaching experience with both individuals and groups, including providing executive coaching to clients overseas in countries such as the US, UK, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Chris specialises in executive and leadership coaching, and in developing new coaches. He also created and wrote the Talking About Coach Training program. He has written and theorised on the subjects of leadership, coaching and the human condition since 1994 and continues to develop new ideas in these fields. He has also authored over 140 newsletters on coaching and related topics.

Chris is a graduate of Newfield Australia's Diploma of Ontological Coaching and hold an Executive Diploma of Business Leadership Coaching. He has been accredited as a Master Coach (AMC) through ANZI Coaching.

He is a life-time accredited user of a number of Human Synergistics profiling tools including Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Leadership Impact (L/I), Group Styles Inventory (GSI) and CoAch. He is also qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), including the use of MBTI Step II.

Most of Chris' work is done in organisations with an emphasis on those in leadership positions and those who aspire to leadership positions. He believes that it is leaders who have the greatest impact on their organisations and communities and it is through helping them develop as leaders that a better world for others can also be created.

Listen to Chris

Chris is an Accredited Master Coach with ANZI Coaching. As part of their webinar series, "Insights from a Master Coach", Chris was interviewed by Megan Leeds-Williams in September 2012 about his work and his thoughts on the world of coaching. You can listen to this conversation below.

If you are a coach or an aspiring coach, we also invite you to go to the ANZI Coaching web site and find out more about the value of belonging to ANZI Coaching.

The Amiel Show

The Amiel Show is a podcast produced by Amiel Handelsman and devoted to expanding our understanding of leadership.

Chris appeared in episode 50 in a show entitled 'on Real Accountability'.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

What People Say About Chris’ Work

"How can I express the value of the coaching you've given? It's difficult to put some empirical measure on its value. To me, the impact is reflected in a thousand ways: in the subtle changes that happen in the relationships I build;the way I lead; and the way that I live my life."

“He brings a deep understanding of business expertise, coaching & life in general. His knowledge has and still continues to assist me on many levels"

"In our conversations he applies his craft masterfully to help me identify my breakdown, stimulating my awareness, and together we work through it to find the possibilities I have available to me and to create new choices. Chris is very encouraging and his belief in me is obvious! I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is participating in organisational change and personal growth."

"It's hard to be entirely honest with oneself, when thinking about why we do things and how we are motivated. It's also hard to be fully aware of the "lens" we all look through we when see the world. Chris helps me to hold up a mirror to myself and see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Part of this is just asking "why", when I profess some view about the world or how I go about things. We explore different frameworks and models of human interaction, which inevitably leads to some sort of additional insight about myself and the impact I have on others. I am enjoying the voyage of discovery, albeit challenging and uncomfortable at times."

"So, on reflection, Chris guided and nurtured me in the best possible way, he let me find my own path here."

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