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Julio Olalla is a former Chilean government lawyer and now the President of The Newfield Network, an ontological coaching school primarily operating in the USA and Latin America and smaller presence in many other parts of the world.

Julio worked for the government of Chilean President Salvador Allende and then spent four years in exile in Argentina before emigrating to the USA in 1978 with his family. There he began working with his teacher Fernando Flores, the thinker who developed theoretical and practical work on transcending the epistemological crisis of modernity. Flores is the founder of ontological coaching, influenced by Heidegger, Maturana, J.L. Austin and others. Julio ultimately founded his own company, Newfield Network, to promote and teach ontological coaching. Since then he has worked with many people throughout the world, in public programs centring on personal transformation.

Chris' Thoughts

I first met Julio in 1994 when he came to Australia to supervise and support my good friend Graeme Schache as he went through the Newfield Group's Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching program. Although I have not been in contact with Julio since the mid-nineties I still remember his warmth, his ability to hold the attention of the room and the respect he gave to all those I saw him meet. There is no doubt that Julio is one of the masters of ontological coaching.


Phenomena, Story and Second Order Learning

Master Ontological Coach Julio Olalla speaks about the importance in coaching to distinguish between what we observe (the phenomena) and our explanations of our observations (the story) leading to the need for second order learning in the world today.

The Human Observer and Distinctions

Ontological coaching is not a set of formulas but a means of interpreting how we observe the world, the blindness this creates and how we can expand our way of observing to address that blindness.

Transformational Learning

Learning is more than the acquisition of knowledge rather we need to include all dimensions of being - language, emotion, body, soul and spirit.

Emotions as a Predisposition

Watch Julio's interpretation of emotions as a predisposition for action and the predisposition of gratitude.

Listen to Julio

The Power of Ontological Learning: An Interview with Julio Olalla

Aboodi Shabi interviews Julio about ontological learning, and how it can transform your deepest concerns in profound and lasting ways.


From Knowledge to Wisdom

From Knowledge to Wisdom incorporates four essays exploring Julio's assessment of a crisis in contemporary learning. These essays are:

  1. The Crisis of the Western Mind
  2. Our Current Commonsense Concerning the Human Condition
  3. The Poverty of our Commonsense Epistemology
  4. A New Discourse in Learning

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