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Although a Registered Psychologist, Graeme claims that the ontological work provides a more powerful means for individuals and groups to develop a more effective and sustainable way of being.

Graeme was first exposed to ontological coaching in 1994 when he went to the USA with colleagues Peter Thorneycroft and Rob McNeilly. Although he originally went to do an introductory program, he was so impressed with his experience that he signed up to do The Newfield Group's nine month program, "Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching". He has been passionate about the ontological approach ever since.

Graeme finds himself in a unique position in the ontological world having been a student supervisor in three of the ontological coaching training programs available today. He has supervised students in programs run by The Newfield Group (the program now being run by Newfield Network), Newfield Australia (now Newfield Institute) and our program at Talking About. As such Graeme has had the opportunity to explore the nuances of the different approaches.

A few years ago, Graeme wrote his first book focusing on the ontological approach as it applies to leadership. Over the last few years, he has focused on the area of parenting and is in the last stages of writing a book on the subject.

Chris' Thoughts

I have known Graeme since 1994 and I have been very proud to initially call him a friend and mentor and today to call him a colleague. To me, Graeme has always been the embodiment of the ontological approach.


The Promise Cycle: Making & Managing Commitments

The Action Conversation model is one of the great contributions made to the world of ontological coaching by Fernando Flores. Graeme has created a audio CD of the promise cycle.

You can purchase this CD from Graeme's web site clicking here...


Leadership for Outstanding Results

Graeme discusses how to bring the ontological approach to leadership. Topics include:

  1. Relationships and Business
  2. Moods and Emotions
  3. Conversations and Leadership
  4. Types of Conversations
  5. Listening
  6. Identity and the Role of the Body
  7. Leadership Competencies

You can purchase Leadership for Outstanding Results from Graeme's web site clicking here...

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