Denver J. Hudson

TACT Supervisor

Denver Hudson is President and CEO of INTERMAX, LLC, and founder of The WOW! Movement™ - an emerging, coaching-based movement offering customized, on-the-job learning initiatives to small and mid-sized companies who are struggling with the challenges of growth and change. A culmination of Denver’s many years of experience and work, the movement was created as an innovative and highly engaging approach to building leaders, boosting individual and team performance, and creating “conscious cultures of excellence” where the human spirit can thrive and businesses can achieve sustainable success.

Denver has been in the training industry since March 1993, beginning his career as a professional speaker and trainer of the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior Profile System and as a facilitator of the Adventures in Attitudes®
seminar experience. In 2000, Denver entered the world of professional coaching and became a founding and active member of Coachville, the Graduate School of Coaching, and the International Association of Coaching - all founded by Thomas Leonard, considered to be the founder of the modern coaching profession. In 2007, Denver began his in-depth learning and training as an Ontological Coach through Talking About Pty Ltd, successfully completing their Coach Training Professional Coach Program in 2009.

In 2000, Denver began developing his own training and coaching programs and is the author of several programs and bodies of work including TAKE CHARGE! and Live Your Greatness, Legacy of Caring (developed for Magellan Management Group), Relationship Fitness, and The WOW! Movement™. His programs are participant-centered and grounded in Ontological distinctions, which fosters a transformative learning experience. Denver is masterful at creating on-the-job, real-time learning and coaching tools, practices, and experiences that empower clients to deepen their learning, expand their ways of being, enrich their ways of relating, and achieve their personal and organizational objectives.

Denver’s professional qualifications and certifications include:

  • Certified Training Consultant
  • Certificate in Ontological Coaching
  • Licensed Coaching Clinic Facilitator
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Seminar Leader
  • Certified Holistic Stress- Management Specialist.

Denver holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana State University. He also engages regularly in learning programs on a variety topics that support his on-going development and achievement of his business vision. As a
commitment to on-going learning and development, Denver maintains an ambitious Professional Development Plan. For those who know Denver, his greatest learning and qualifications come from his every-day pursuit of mastery, passion for expanding his own and others’ consciousness and effectiveness, and his willingness to be of service to a higher good.

Denver’s clients have included leaders and organizations in various fields including: health care, education, manufacturing, government agencies, early education, employment services, health and wellness, consulting, independent professionals, and financial services.

Partnering with leaders and coaching them in the dynamic application of The WOW! Movement™ technology is Denver’s favorite way to serve and contribute to a healthier, evolving world. He invites leaders and organizations to partner with him to transform their lives and organizations into “The WOW! Zone.” Denver offers his expertise and influence through professional speaking, consulting, individual and team coaching, and facilitation services.

What People Are Saying About Denver’s Work:

“It has been my great honor to be coached and supported by Mr. Denver Hudson. We have been working together for approximately 3 1/2 years. Denver is energetic and inspiring during our sessions. He has a superb way of understanding and relating with humor, kindness and empathy yet always challenging me to grow and stretch. I know these qualities in Denver had enabled me to make tremendous strides… Our work together has created meaning and significance in my life. With Denver’s encouragement I have found my voice and I AM taking a stand for being vibrantly alive as I inspire healthy living around the world… It is my vision that Denver will help my entire team with personal growth and development so that each one of us becomes an effective leader and together we create a culture of inspiration and excellence.”
... Katie Baumann

“Through the short time that I have been working with Denver, I have seen myself transform in a way I never thought possible… What I have learned with Denver’s help is how to effectively handle my emotions in a productive way. As a result, I can think and act with greater clarity. My relationships have all improved, but most importantly are my relationships with my husband and son… If you want to dramatically improve the way you feel about yourself and the quality of your relationships and life, then I encourage you to get in touch with Denver.”
... Juanita Thompson

"Denver Hudson, founder of The WOW! Movement, did not disappoint! He was sensitive and caring; encouraging and thought-provoking; energizing and inspiring; fun and entertaining! He provided handouts with various charts that were easy to comprehend. There were a variety of activities that generated much conversation and self-reflection with steps on how to create a positive change in behavior - personally, professionally and collectively. We are excited about our potential as we progress along the continuum from woe to WOW!... making a significant difference in the lives of everyone we touch!"
... Joan Scott

“Denver, I see The WOW! Movement exemplified in your personal behavior - it's refreshing to see someone who ‘walks the talk’ when so few do. Your visual tools for the Woe & Wow orientations are very insightful. I've begun to see the world through those "glasses" and they reveal much. Observing the “woe” orientation at work in others has helped me identify it (and begin eradicating it) in myself. The visual model of what the WOW orientation looks like and how it behaves, has given me a "compass" that points in the right direction. I realize you've only scratched the surface and there is more to learn, but already this simple shift in thinking has made a positive impact. Thank you for so generously bringing and sharing value… Your Legacy IS leaving an imprint!”
... Matt Hall

“Denver has given me the extra incentive to want to push harder for the things that are important in my life that I have been ignoring. Now that I have stepped back and looked at it with a new perspective, I know that things are going to be much better. I’m on my way to my WOW!”
... Karen Cadwalader

"Denver, we can't thank you enough for the impression you made on all of us! Your program allowed our staff to examine how they present themselves and how they communicate with others. We found the concept of holding other's dignity with care extremely powerful. This was truly an amazing, unforgettable, and life-changing experience! We are convinced that any individual, company, or group would greatly benefit from The WOW! Movement and it’s ability to foster team cohesiveness."
... Vanessa Wagner

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