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Alan Sieler is the founder and Director of Newfield Institute, previously Newfield Australia. As we know there has been some confusion about the name "Newfield", please note that Newfield Institute and Newfield Network are independent organisations although both are dedicated to spreading the ontological approach.

Although he had already studied approaches in the domain of personal growth, Alan's formal learning in the world of ontology began in 1995 when he did the Newfield Group's program, Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching (MAPC). With the collapse of the Newfield Group program at the end of 1996, Alan's passion for the ontological approach manifested as a dream to create an ontological learning program in Australia. By this time, Alan had taken over the reins of Newfield Australia and with some assistance from Graeme Schache and Peter Thorneycroft, he crafted a 16 month program originally known as the Diploma of Ontological Coaching (DOC). The first of these programs, now called the "Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching", commenced in mid 1999 and have been running yearly ever since.

Alan has been prolific in his writing about the ontological approach for many years. He wrote over 20 papers for the original DOC program and, in doing so, expanded on the work of Rafael Echeverria who wrote most of the original papers for MAPC. Since then he has produced three volumes of books entitled "Coaching to the Human Soul", certainly the most expansive general publication of work on the ontological approach, and many other articles and papers.

There is no doubt that Alan has been responsible for expanding the breadth of the ontological approach and promoting it in various parts of the world, most notably, Australia, South East Asia and South Africa.

Chris' Thoughts

I first met Alan in 1995 when he was doing MAPC. I will always be grateful for his passion for the ontological work which led to the creation of his DOC program allowing me the opportunity to do my formal training in the ontological approach. The DOC program served as the starting point for my work as a coach and ontological theorist.


Coaching to the Human Soul

Alan discusses the background to his book, "Coaching to the Human Soul".

Introduction to Ontological Coaching

Alan discusses the origins of ontological coaching.

Introduction to Language in Ontological Coaching

Alan discusses the different perspective of language as generative as found in the ontological approach.


The Amiel Show

The Amiel Show is a podcast produced by Amiel Handelsman and devoted to expanding our understanding of leadership.

Alan appeared in episode 47 in a show entitled 'The 6 Moods Leaders create'.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.


Alan has written extensively on his interpretations of ontological coaching including three books and number of papers and articles.

Coaching to the Human Soul

Volume 1: The Linguistic Basis of Ontological Coaching

Alan discusses the linguistic basis of the ontological approach to coaching and explores the role language plays in how we create our interpretations of what we observe. The chapters in this volume are:

  1. An Ontological Approach to Coaching
  2. An Ontological Model of Learning and Change
  3. The Historical Relevance of Ontological Learning
  4. A New Understanding of Language
  5. Listening: The Unacknowledged Dimension of Language
  6. Silent and Invisible Actions Within Language
  7. Basic Linguistic Tools for Human Possibility I
  8. Basic Linguistic Tools for Human Possibility II
  9. Basic Linguistic Tools for Human Possibility III
  10. The Hidden Power of Conversations
  11. Stories and Narratives as Deep Listening
  12. Ontological Coaching, Language and the Human Soul

Volume 2: Emotional Learning and Ontological Coaching

In the second volume of "Coaching to the Human Soul", Alan explores the often overlooked role of emotions in our life and our learning. Chapters in this volume include:


  1. The Transformative Power of Ontological Coaching
  2. Another Perspective on the Nature of Deep Change I
  3. Another Perspective on the Nature of Deep Change II
  4. Being an Emotional Learner
  5. An Ontological Interpretation of Emotions
  6. Cultivating Emotional Acuity

  8. Moods: At the Heart of Our Emotional Existence
  9. The Foundations of the Model Some Basic Moods of Life
  10. Some Basic Moods of Life I
  11. Some Basic Moods of Life II
  12. Some Basic Moods of Life III
  13. Some Basic Moods of Life IV
  14. Some Resourceful Moods for Living and Coaching
  15. Mood Management and Emotional Wisdom I
  16. Mood Management and Emotional Wisdom II
  17. Moods, Ontological Coaching and the Human Soul

Volume 3: The Biological and Somatic Basis of Ontological Coaching


  1. Biology, Body and Transformation
  2. Introducing Biology of Cognition
  3. Biology of Cognition I: The Autopoietic and Structurally Determined Nature of Living Systems
  4. Biology of Cognition II: Structural Coupling and Biology of Interaction
  5. Languaging and the Mental Life of Humans
  6. Emotioning, Bodyhood and Biology of Love
  7. Conversations, Culture and Social Change

  9. Somatic Philosophy and Ontological Coaching I
  10. Somatic Philosophy and Ontological Coaching II
  11. Perspectives on the Physiology of Doing
  12. A Compromised Physiology of Doing
  13. Towards a Poised Physiology of Doing
  14. Coaching to the Domain of the Body
  15. The Existential Context of Ontological Coaching

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Articles and Papers

As well as his books, Alan has written a number of papers and articles on ontological coaching and its application. These include:

You can find more of his papers and articles on the Newfield Institute web site by clicking here...

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