Aboodi Shabi

About Aboodi Shabi

Aboodi Shabi has been working in the field of executive and personal development for over twenty-five years, and in coaching since 1996. In that time, he has worked with thousands of coaches and executives across the world.

He was also founding co-President of the UK ICF, and has served the profession at all levels internationally.

Aboodi leads workshops and seminars for executives and leadership teams across Europe, and in South Africa.

Aboodi has been leading coach-training programmes for Newfield Network in Europe, Asia and Africa for the last six years. He is also an invited facilitator on mastery in coaching for various European coaching schools, as well as being a regular speaker on the coaching conference circuit across Europe.He has also worked with executives and teams from organisations including BP, the BBC, Massmart and Standard Chartered.

Aboodi brings a unique cultural background, born in London to an Iraqi Jewish father and a Lebanese Christian mother, and a love of philosophy and ideas to his work.

Chris' Thoughts

I first met Aboodi on 2012 and we have been in conversation since then. To me, his passion for the ontological approach is obvious and he takes that passion beyond just coaching into a desire to make the world a better and more equitable place. I asked Aboodi about how he got into the world of ontological coaching and this is what he had to say:

"I grew up asking questions about the world we live in - I lived in two worlds as a child: my parents' very Arabic home, and the very English world outside, so I was always curious about why things were the way they were. I never felt that I could take the world for granted; this wasn't always easy, and I used to feel very jealous of my English friends who had a certainty of identity that I never had, but, as I grew up, and studied philosophy, I began to see a path emerge that would allow me to make sense my experiences of growing up.

Outsiders can ask questions insiders can't see, and I found various roles that played on my ability to question what others would take for granted. All this was very unconscious and unstructured until I met Julio Olalla in Vancouver in 2000 - that was the beginning of a journey that is still on-going: my path as an ontological coach and trainer, helping to question the basic pre-suppositions by which people live and work. I often reflect that I now make a living doing exactly the same thing that caused me so much trouble growing up - asking difficult questions that provoke uncomfortable reactions in others, but which, if they are willing to engage and explore, can bring new reflections and insights that allow them to see and live differently."


Human Connection and Coaching

Aboodi discusses the importance of connection in the effective coaching

Connection, Obstacles, Linguistic Traps and Empathy

This is an extended version of the video above where Aboodi discusses the importance of human connection and then speaks to the discomfort as an obstacle to our learning, how we trap ourselves in our assessments, both good and bad, and then finally looks at the triune brain and the importance of empathy for a coach.

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