Develop More Mastery in Life

The Ontological Approach

Do these statements ring true for you?

Change is happening too quickly!
Life is so complicated!
There is so much to do and not enough time to do it!
I don't feel in control of my life!

If so, you are not alone and you have come to the right place.

The key to dealing with these challenges lies in making sense of these paradoxes and, as a result, finding a new way forward. The key to that lies in understanding and establishing the foundations on which we build our lives. This is what we do. We help you embrace the spirit of reflection to find the space to establish those foundations and then build from them.

At the heart of this endeavour, lies an understanding of what it means to be a human being. Not a complicated psychology that you need to be an expert to apply but a congruent philosophy looking at our body, emotions and use of language in the context of your experience of living.

This is the ontological approach.

At Talking About, we have been involved with the ontological approach to coaching since 1994. We are not in the business of fixing people, rather we aim to help them create who they want to be and the life they want to live. We know from our own experience that the ontological approach provides a highly effective means of experiencing a better life in all domains of your life.

We want to share that approach with you.

Our Commitment Through Our Web Site

Our web site reflects our commitment to sharing the ontological approach with the world.

We have a goal of making an understanding of the ontological approach and its applications, predominantly in the areas of coaching, leadership and culture, aw widely available as possible. To that end, here you will find well over a hundred articles as well as more extensive papers, that we provide free of charge.

Our Invitation to You

Do you want to embrace the spirit of reflection to address the paradoxes in life and create a new way of being for yourself or coach or lead others to create something great in the world?

If the answer is "yes" then we invite you to take some time, have a look around and explore a new way of thinking - an ontological approach to thinking and being.

Ultimately we invite you to Inspire Yourself, Expand Yourself, Engage Yourself and Lead Yourself to the future you wish to create.